​Call for Presentations Extended to September 15!!
We are currently accepting presentation proposals for the following tracks:
  • Custodial/Housekeeping/Floor and Wall Coverings/Cleaning Products and Equipment
  • Maintenance/Renovations/Construction  
  • Grounds/Landscaping/Recycling
  • HVAC/Utility Use and Management/Performance Contracting/Control Systems
  • Leadership in Facilities Management

Within each of the tracks, we are interested in (but are not limiting our selections to) the following subcategories:  
  • Green Cleaning, microfiber, automation, outsourcing, disaster planning or recovery!
  • Budget limitations, Personnel reductions, Resource Elimination, Expanded Mission!
  • New Administration = “Their way!” Different Stewardship Goals.
  • Best Practices, Success Stories, Failures!
  • Energy Challenges, Price Stabilization, Innovation, Single Stream Recycling!
  • Voluntary or involuntary changes to our service profile, Auxiliary and Alternative Funding!
  • Partnering opportunities, Smarter Buildings, Flexible Staffing!
  • Grounds innovations
 Preference will be shown to presentations in the following order:
  • From Business Partners teamed with FLAPPA Member Institutions
  • From FLAPPA Member Institutions
  • From Business Partners

Acceptance of a presentation means an obligation for at least one of the authors to attend the conference and to present. Please do not submit if you cannot attend. The cost of attendance will be borne by the presenter, their company or institution.