Exciting news!!  A network of college and university professionals in the State of Florida have established a Florida Chapter of APPA, known as FLAPPA.  What is APPA? 

Founded in 1914, APPA: The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers is the oldest not-for-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance, production and promotion of quality educational facilities to enhance the education of today’s students.  The more than 4,500 APPA members represent learning institutions from across the United States and Canada and around the world.  Universities and colleges comprise the largest segment of membership.  APPA members are vice presidents for facilities, directors of physical plants, associate directors, facilities managers, and managers for a variety of specific facilities operations.  Members manage the properties of colleges and universities, school districts, secondary schools, law and medical schools, seminaries, military installations, museums, churches and government organizations.

In October 2003 fourteen colleges and universities from across the state came together and discussed the idea of forming a Florida Chapter of APPA, which is now known as FLAPPA.  We’ve worked very hard to define our purpose, and establish a constitution and by-laws to ensure success.  In July 2004 the national APPA organization in Washington, D.C. formally recognized our Florida chapter. 

Our Purpose

  1. To foster mutually supportive objectives among Florida higher educational facilities organizations;
  2. To promote relationships that provide personal and professional development through leadership, educational, and networking opportunities for all facilities personnel;
  3. To foster the professional spirit among persons engaged in this work; and
  4. To aid and supplement the work of the international organization, APPA, “The Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers.”

What does this all mean?  It means that a large contingent of professional facilities, construction and maintenance personnel are networking across the State of Florida to share experiences with various products and services used in our day-to-day operations.  We are discussing things like LEED requirements, green products, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC equipment, paint products, custodial operations, grounds equipment, just to name a few.  The vast knowledge of the facilities personnel combined with those in the business arena (that are relied upon every day) are valuable assets when teamed together in a professional organization like FLAPPA. 

FLAPPA is going on eight years old now. We’ve held six progressively successful Annual Educational Conferences (UCF, UF, PBA, UNF, SPC, FSU, and Barry University) and are looking toward our eigth to be held at Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne! In addition, we have held a number of Vendor Based Training’s at various institutions around the state. Each of these has been well attended and we look to continue to present these throughout the year.

We look forward to the future. We are a growing organization with a strong support base of institutional members as well as a large contingent of loyal business partners.

Member Institutions





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