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Date: May 14 - 16, 2014

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Date: September 22 - 26, 2014

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"2014 Annual Educational Conference (May 14-16, 2014) Registration Now Opened"  Click Here


I want to start by giving thanks to everyone involved in the 2013 Annual Conference in Sarasota Florida.  The facilities staff at Ringling College did an outstanding job with the preparation and planning of the conference.  I also want to thank the outgoing board Jeff Poleshek and Dan Green.  They have done an outstanding job for the past 2 years on the board.

The new executive board includes President Mr. Julio Sanchez, Director of Custodial Services at Florida Institute of Technology; VP/President Elect Mr. Ken Kropp, Grounds Manager at Palm Beach Atlantic; VP for Financial Affairs Mr. Jonathan Mirabal, Custodial Supervisor at Florida Institute of Technology and VP for Administrative Affairs Ms Joni Brown, System Manager Facilities Management at Embry-Riddle University. 

We have some great new ideas for the next 2 years.  Together, we on the board have set our own goals and have high expectations for ourselves.  Our goals, just to name a few, are to work with our current site provider or search on our options to make the website more user friendly, have a dedicated form of access to the site for business partners so they can be able to search all of our Institutional members listing and get their contact information.  In the same aspect have one for our Institutional Members with a listing categorized by trade so they can also contact the Business Partners.  Our website should be a key point of communication between business partners and Institute Members.  We want to grow our Vendor based training program.  This program serves its purpose effectively and everyone benefits very much from the trainings.  We are going to work on better communicating with all our members.  This can be done by having a quarterly newsletter go out to our members.  It will allow for some small advertisements from our business partners along with announcement and VPT information.  We will also ask our Institutional members for any job postings etc, they may have.  In the newsletter there will be updates and information from APPA and SRAPPA.  We will also be working in increasing our Business Partners and Institute members. 

Our ultimate goal as a board will be to educate, train and provide the resources by having an effective communication process between our members.  We are looking forward to serving our members for the next 2 years. 

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